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Well, the title should say it all. This is a thread to post and / or view unboxings of arduinos. All versions are welcome, even the other brands (SparkFun, Seeduino, ect.) Please post what version it is above the video link and / or pictures.

My video can be seen here.



Must be too hot in Arizona to play outside?  ;)


I've never understood the fascination in watching someone else open up a box for something. yet there are thousands of 'unboxing' videos on YouTube.

I guess it is somehow similar to trainspotting or foot fetishism.


Ever see the videos for "box breaks" of trading cards (real crazy stuff there - too much money, too much time, too many grown men wasting money on scraps of supposed player shirts and such rather than saving for retirement - I really don't understand that "hobby")...?

At least those box breaks have a reason (I barely understand it, though). Something to do with establishing the "legitimacy" of a particular card before it is sold on ebay or something (generally for a lot of money, depending on the card and player - but its a gamble, because a box of cards goes for hundreds of dollars).

But of other products? Maybe if you were doing a review of the product or something for your review website (a guy I work with does this - he does reviews for products that get sent to him for free)...

For your own personal stuff...not sure...

I will not respond to Arduino help PM's from random forum users; if you have such a question, start a new topic thread.


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I never got a box. :( Just a blue anti-static pouch... bloody RS.

On the other hand, the packaging for the TI Launchpad is lovely. :D Shame the product isn't quite as good as the cardboard it came in.


Unboxing is fun.
You can see what is actually shipped to you.


You can see what is actually shipped to you.

Should try to drink less then, so you don't have to video what you recieve, to check if it is there when you are sober again.  ;D
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I guess it is somehow similar to trainspotting or foot fetishism.

No they are much more fun.

The only good unboxing video I saw was a spoof of an apple product that turned out to be a cardboard cut out of the product at a fraction of the true size.


perhaps it helps connect between what is listed on the package and how it looks like? ;) this is what i see these videos for... as for the duemilanove.. theres nothing...just open the anti-static bag and voila! there it is!


My Mega is ordered... It's the old one; 1280... I like them better...


She is here and unboxed! I am uploading the video now...



What shipping did you get? I got 2 day for only like $8!!! I live in AZ, so SparkFun isn't far away... It got here in only 1 day!!!


Arduino MEGA Unboxing
Arduino "Initiation"

Also, does it sound like my voice changed from my Arduino Duemilanove video to these ones? It seems like it to me, and everyone I know thinks my voice has changed...

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