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meh...40$ forced USPS, Adafruit Express Mail International.
I would have choose UPS for half the price and double the quality/tracking/delivery, but I couldn't.

It's been 2 days. Status update one time per day and the server takes 2-3h to update the tracking info.

edit: If I understand correctly, it's about half way to the delivery destination.


Here it is!
Code: [Select]
Full Speed device @ 8 (0xFD313000): ...............   Communication device: "Arduino Uno"
   Port Information:   0x0018
   Device Descriptor  
       Descriptor Version Number:   0x0110
       Device Class:   2   (Communication)
       Device Subclass:   0
       Device Protocol:   0
       Device MaxPacketSize:   8
       Device VendorID/ProductID:   0x2341/0x0001   (unknown vendor)
       Device Version Number:   0x0000
       Number of Configurations:   1
       Manufacturer String:   1 "Arduino (www.arduino.cc)"
       Product String:   2 "Arduino Uno"
       Serial Number String:   220 "64932343738351312091"
   Configuration Descriptor  
       Length (and contents):   62
       Number of Interfaces:   2
       Configuration Value:   1
       Attributes:   0xC0 (self-powered)
       MaxPower:   100 ma
       Interface #0 - Communications-Control  
           Alternate Setting   0
           Number of Endpoints   1
           Interface Class:   2   (Communications-Control)
           Interface Subclass;   2
           Interface Protocol:   1
           Comm Class Header Functional Descriptor  
           Comm Class Abstract Control Management Functional Descriptor  
           Comm Class Union Functional Descriptor  
           Endpoint 0x82 - Interrupt Input  
       Interface #1 - Communications-Data/Unknown Comm Class Model  
           Alternate Setting   0
           Number of Endpoints   2
           Interface Class:   10   (Communications-Data)
           Interface Subclass;   0   (Unknown Comm Class Model)
           Interface Protocol:   0
           Endpoint 0x04 - Bulk Output  
           Endpoint 0x83 - Bulk Input



Huh?  But that's the NEAT part, where it says it's an "Arduino Uno" right there in the USB-derived information!  Otherwise it's just a random arduino-shaped PCB with a different paint job, that other people have already posted better pictures and videos of than I am likely to take...

(no, no, it's nice.  Really.  I've been mostly using 168s downloaded at 19200bps, and the increased download speed is really noticeable, even on short sketches.)

(I wonder where USB Prober gets its list of vendors from?)


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That is better than an unboxing. I must be more of a geek than I thought.

You can download the list of vendors from the USB.org web site as simple text file. That's probably what most USB snooping programs are using.

Don't know how often they update though - the last copy I saw (the other day) didn't have Arduino listed in there.


That's given me my stupidest idea yet - I'm going to host an Arduino Uno on an Arduino Duemilanove. :D

Need to order one first though.


Unboxing you say...

ok, Mega2560:


Available in 720P, yay...

Anyway, the video also contains closeups of the board which may be of more interest than the box contents :)

The closeups kick in at 1:58




/me might be too late to post it here... But I have post an unboxing graphic article in the Uno Punto Zero.

But hey to spam some more ;) ! I will just put it here for you guys. Can go to my website for more picture.


SparkFun SUCKS! (Yes, I am now joining the group of you who said it all along...)

I ordered 2 days ago... It is still a "New Order"... Not even packaged or labeled! And I freaking got 2 day shipping... It would [should] have been here today!!!


"weekend" ?  Aint no one who delivers on sunday...  And while companies that do business friday night intro saturday, I have a certain respect for companies that don't, too...


I ordered Friday at 5P.M. They still never packaged it...


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2 more Arduino Duemilanove

I will (hopefully) be getting my final 2, bumping me up to a total of 5!

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I thought you graduated from high school in 1998, didn't realize that you were born in 1998.  Keep up the good work.

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