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Hey dear friends, to make Open Hardware product more aesthetic and accessible to people of different backgrounds, we've tried to cooperate with artists, and the first step is: we've come up with a new version Seeeduino!

Later on, we will have more products based on this one, such as basic kit, wearable eletronics and so forth.  In the long run, we will have more cooprations with musicians, artists, and have more versatile products.


This cute board doesn't have a name yet. Do you have any idea about giving it a suitable name? Welcome to share your creactivity with us^^ Thanks a bunch!


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Excellent! It's really cute and appealing (I'm a 50 year old blokey bloke by the way). Love the doll shape - similar to those ones that all fit inside each other. My wife is Polish and they play with those as kids - So that fits with shields going together.

Will be great for youngsters of both sexes. I'll ask my wife and her friends what they think too for a ladies perspective.

My suggestion for a name is not to go too nerdy and technical with it:

How about "Sheeduino" for a name?

I would buy it as a starter kit for youngsters in my family.

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How about "Sheeduino" for a name?

Darn it, you beat me to it  :)


I suggest Dollduino as a name for it.

It kinda resembles those Russian dolls, doesn't it?
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