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Excellent! It's really cute and appealing (I'm a 50 year old blokey bloke by the way). Love the doll shape - similar to those ones that all fit inside each other. My wife is Polish and they play with those as kids - So that fits with shields going together.

Will be great for youngsters of both sexes. I'll ask my wife and her friends what they think too for a ladies perspective.

My suggestion for a name is not to go too nerdy and technical with it:

How about "Sheeduino" for a name?

I would buy it as a starter kit for youngsters in my family.


We are so glad to know that you like it:) Thank you so so much for asking for more perspectives to give it a suitable name:)


I suggest Dollduino as a name for it.

It kinda resembles those Russian dolls, doesn't it?

Thank you so much for sharing^^
You are right:) It does resemble the Russian dolls^^



Another silly name...
If the male device is a Seeeduino then a female one could be called an Eggduino.



I've always been a fan of your arduino compatible designs and glad to see you are still actively supporting open sourced designs. This product does have a nice 'cute factor'.  ;)

One question about your posted pictures on this new product. In one picture you show a led stuck into the shield pins with no series current limiting resistor. Is such a resistor wired between the AVR output pin and the shield pin? If not I encourage you to fix that picture as it just perpetuates a problem for many beginners where the oldest original arduino board design did wire a series limiting resistor between the AVR output pin and the shield pin (only on arduino pin #13) but in later designs the built in resistor only limits the on-board led and does not protect the output pin from external connected leds.

How about calling it Godzillauino?


Thank you very much for pointing it out :P. It was technically incorrect. And we've changed the picture ;).Sorry that we weren't thinking carefully while posting the picture, which misled people. While plugging the LED there, we weren't thinking about the exact pins, it was just to show that the new version Seeeduino is not only beautiful but also fully functional. From technical point of view, this is really a silly mistake.  :smiley-sweat:Sorry again, and thank you so much for reminding us^^

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