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I have the whole summer to develop something useful so I decide to work on an open source data logger software project to go with my hardware project. This logger will be able to log a variety of sensors with a number of logging schemes. Right now the idea is just in my head. I'd like some inputs from the community so I am on the right track to create an open source program that others can readily use.

Here are what I need some inputs on:
1. sensors. I have a number of them in mind for various situations. Please recommend other sensors and what someone might need to log them.
Resistive sensors: thermistors, flex sensors, "pressure" sensors, all using simple voltage dividers
Voltage sensors: LM35 etc temperature probes that output analog voltages, other sensors such as Vernier's analog probes including force, conductivity, temperature, pressure etc.
Simple digital sensors: digital on/off switches for counting wind speed, water flow, liquid drop, counting interrupts of IR beam etc.
Digital sensors with some simple protocols:sonic rangers with pulse width output
Digital sensors with more advanced protocols: one-wire temperature probes, SDI-12 protocol temperature, dielectric constant sensors, serial port sonic rangers (free-running mode or triggered mode), other serial port sensors, I2C sensors, maybe SPI sensors but I don't know any of them.

2. Logging schemes:
I'll have triggered mode and automatic mode.

In trigger mode, logging occurs only when a trigger is sensed (pin change, analog voltage value etc.).

In automatic mode, logging occurs automatically driven by timers.

Under automatic mode:
Continuous mode:
  • Short continuous mode logs data every xxx ms up to say 1 minute interval, driven by internal timers.
  • Long continuous mode logs data every xxx second, minute, hour, or day, driven by RTC.

Scheduled mode:
Logging say every hour, day, week at a particular time

Object-wise, I will have:

Loggers: stores features of a logger, say input is A0, reading needs to be converted into temperature with what formula, output should have what unit and formatting when saving to SD card. The logging process will hopefully be finite state machines that make use of pin-change interrupt to not stall other logging activities.

Schedulers: stores running mode and affected loggers. Say a scheduler1 could have continuous mode at 1 per second and it will run logger1 and logger2 every second.

Triggers: This specifies the type of triggers. A scheduler will link to a trigger if the scheduler is in trigger mode.

I will make a text file syntax to spell out the settings. So the user can type up a setting file that has a number of loggers and schedulers, pop the SD card with the file into the logger hardware, and select the file on the logger hardware, the logger will run everything.

Suggestions, comments?

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