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Hey guys,

Having a weird problem. I bought this micro about 3 days ago and have been playing around with it. Everything's been great, haven't had an issue. Until that is, today.

I can send information to it using the serial monitor, and it responds (Physical Pixel), however, the Micro won't transmit anything to my computer. I added Serial.println("High Received!"); after setting the led high, and the opposite for low. The light on the micro never flashes for transmit. I tried all the sketches in the Communication directory, to no avail. Any sketch that should send serial data, doesn't. The monitor stays blank. The micro refuses to send any information. If I send information in the serial monitor I see the micro's led flash for Rx, but I can't get the Tx to blink for anything.

What am I doing wrong?


Did some more testing. Arduino ERW fails completely. Stock 1.0.2 fails 50%.

None of the examples that send serial data work. I modified Physical Pixel and it DID work. I uploaded the sketch and checked it a few times as well as pressing reset on the board.

When I pressed reset on the board, everything freaked out. I couldn't send sketches to it using either program. I had to physically plug/unplug several times to get it working again.

For some reason, it seems the Micro changes it's com port every time it's connected. Anywhere from 6 to 8, without anything else changing. Weird.


Feel free at any point to post code, or a schematic.
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Hi Awol,

I apologize for not posting it in the correct subforum. My apologizes!

No schematic, no code to post.

Using the Arduino IDE 1.0.2 under Communication, the ascii print out program sends no information to my computer. The Tx led never lights up. I can send to it, and the led of "Rx" flashes, but it never sends any information back to my computer.

In the IDE, File -> Examples -> Communication -> ASCII Table

I upload it fine. Then I open serial monitor and nothing gets printed. I've noticed with other sketches, when the sketch is supposed to wait for the Serial Monitor to open before sending, it doesn't. Prime example is the EEPROM read/write/clear. It does NOT wait for serial monitor. If I use the keyboard shortcut to open the serial monitor, I can sometimes get it at around ~10 entries, (I.e. the first line of text I see is 10-12).

I'm not sure exactly what the problem is. Some times I have to load the sketch multiple times to get it to send anything to my computer.


What model arduino board did you get?


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