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Author Topic: New version of SdFat  (Read 1109 times)
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A new version of SdFat is available as

This version supports AVR boards, Arduino Due, and Teensy 3.0.

There are many changes so please read the changes.txt file. 

Note the following change:
The default for ALLOW_DEPRECATED_FUNCTIONS has been changed to
false.  If you get compile errors for these functions, either
change to the prefered replacement function indicated in the
error message or set ALLOW_DEPRECATED_FUNCTIONS nonzero.

A key change was to remove sd.init(spiRateID, chipSelect) in favor of
sd.begin(chipSelect, spiRateID).  The difference between these two is
the order of the arguments which has caused serious confusion at times.
A number of configuration options can be set by editing SdFatConfig.h
#define macros.  Options include:

ALLOW_DEPRECATED_FUNCTIONS - enable or disable deprecated functions.

Deprecated functions will be removed in a future version of SdFat.

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Again, thanks for sharing!

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