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Good day to you all!

I have encountered the most peculiar problem with my arduino mega (2586). I have recently bought a bluetooth module, connected it to my arduino and wrote a piece of code to accept input and control a motor hooked to the arduino. Now, my USB port for the arduino is COM3, the bluetooth port is COM40. The module connects on prompt to  Serial2, recognises communication via COM40, I can interface with it via a VB.net program on COM40 - as long as the USB cable is connected. As soon as the cable is disconnected the whole thing stops working. Plug back the usb (without a reset!) and it works again. The whole time the module remains connected. As I don't have much electrical components I cannot pinpoint the exact issue (not sure if the bluetooth connection stops working or if it's something else). I am stumped. Completely and utterly stumped. Any ideas?

Update: I figure it still receives data, the light keeps flashing until data is sent. Why won't it change the pin I/O then?

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