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Hi there, I am brand new to the forums and actually BRAND new to Arduino and "hardware hacking" in general, I have/am been a long time inventor though but mostly in the past my inventions have only been notebook inventions, or basic prototypes. But now that I have ordered all the stuff for my "Makers Kit", I think my inventions will go much much further. Right now I am in college for Small Business and currently writing a business plan that will be used after graduation to start up my own 'Hacker Space" type business though it will be a for profit business so I call it a Makerstudio anyways I wanted to at least give a little run down on myself but basically this post is to find someone who is very well acquainted with the Arduino and "making" in general and could help build a project that I think would make some good money if finished and was awesomeness. I am hoping to find a great partner to work with here and we can chat about the project over Skype or what ever and if it is something someone else thinks would be fun to move forward with then my plans are to move forward as you would with a normal invention and have rough sketches/drawings then get the electrical/bugs worked out and finalized, get a prototype working then make up a nice 3D Model of a finalized vision of the product and then I plan to take all of that and come up with a kick ass Kickstarter and we go from there. I do not want to go to much in details on the products in the forums because if it is not something out there already I would really like to be the one who releases it to the world! hehe, even if we keep it open sourced or what ever, I still would like to be the one to announce it, etc.

So if you are interested in working on the project just know that you would basically be the brains behind the hardware and you would be the one actually doing the "building" of it, but we will both work on it over skype, etc. to get it to where we both feel comfortable. We will discuss funds of the project after we decide to go forward or not, I maybe able to get a campaign together for the prototype even too, so capital doesn't need to come for either of us for it hopefully. So I just want you to know that I am BRAND new to Arduino, etc as stated above so I wouldn't be able to give much help with sketches and stuff, but I am a LONG time inventor with a great imagination and the idea I THINK....is solid.

So best way to contact me is eLabRat@GetDiggin.com and we can chat about the project and hopefully get it going if you think it would be something worth pursuing & you want to take on the project!

eLabRat [makerstudio]


Ok well lol, never mind. I have been looking for something similar to the project I want to start on and I could not find anything, but a buddy of mine just sent me a link to something almost identical to what I had started my drawings of. the only thing different was the one I wanted to work on would have a Skype screen on the "opponent" end, but they may have added that to theirs too lol

Anyways guess that project is a no go, although I still cannot find anything commercially available.

eLabRat [makerstudio]

Jack Christensen

Well that certainly gets "cool factor" points, I have to think it's a fairly limited market though. The price tag might end up being more than a lot of folks want to pay. Best bet would be to interface it to FICS, like the many clients already available, so that two units are not required.


Ya my plan was to have it link into some type of server so they would all basically be "universal", I am not sure if the guys working on the board linked on youtube are going forward commercially, or just having it as a project, because I actually think it would have a much bigger market then some may think. I mean Chess is like the number one board game, and people of all ages play. I could see the boards not being to crazy expensive if brought to a commerical market. I bet they could actually be made low enough to retail them for the $100 range, but thats a guess. I would still entertain the idea of putting a prototype together and trying to kickstart it to see what kind of interest it generates.

eLabRat [makerstudio]

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