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Thank you!  This will come in very useful. 

I'm interfacing to a 128x64 GLCD and I could use more speed to display multiple spectrum bar graphs faster.


If you want, you will find that most of them will run at 32Mhz @ 5v.

Pretty amazing.

Nick Gammon

Hmm. Time to revisit my VGA output sketch. If I can get it to run that fast I could get somewhat higher resolution.

Does it get hot?

Nick Gammon

Well that idea will have to wait. Don't have any 24 MHz crystals. Nor does my function generator output above 20 MHz.

Oh wait, found 5 x 24 MHz crystals on eBay for $1.41 + free postage. Kind of unbelievable but whatever. Worst I will do is lose $1.41.


Hi Nick,

No it doesn't get hot at all. I test it now for 4 hours in a row and i found out that serial, adc conversion and eeprom read/write works well.
No trouble so far. I've change one other board and put it to the test.

I will see in the morning if it goes well.

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