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I've been searching everywhere for help on this, but part of the problem is that virtually nobody says whether what they are describing is happening in Arduino1.X or in the pre-1.0 version of Arduino.  The differences between those two are pretty big (and software incompatibility has kept me using Arduino23 (pre 1.0) for any actual work I do.  That said...

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get my PonySerial programmer working in the Arduino 1.0.3 IDE.  I tried editing programmers.txt, but the IDE (unliked Arduino23) seems to completely ignore that info. I know, because I changed the names of the programmers and nothing changed.  Evidently it is pulling its programmers.txt file from somewhere other than C:\Program Files (x86)\arduino\hardware\arduino .  Argh! I'm about ready to cry.  Why couldn't things work like they did under Arduino23?  Part of the reason I try to stick with open source as opposed to proprietary environments is that changes tend to be evolutionary and not revolutionary.


Are you talking about ponyprog software or hardware?
I dont know if ponyprog software has direct port access, not used it in years, when at the time i was using win 98 and direct port access wasn't a problem, infact nothing was a problem with win 98 and i still use it now sometimes.
I still have a JDM programmer so it's a good excuse to get it out, although my JDM was only used for PIC's and i dont know if it would work with atmega


I don't really know what my device actually IS, I just know that it worked with this configuration in programmers.txt:


as you can see, it's a serial programmer. Hardware-wise, it only uses a few components:

here's the schematic:

I don't think any of that is at issue, though.  The problem is that Arduino1.0.3 doesn't seem to obey the dictates of programmers.txt.  I was hoping someone who has dealt with this issue could tell me what my problem is.


Don't you also have to edit the board.txt file to change the
uno.upload.protocol=arduino, so it will pass the correct info to AVRDUDE to know what programmer you want it to use?



i would modify board.txt if i could find any info on what needed to be changed.  when i did this for arduino23, all i had to do was modify programmers.txt.  as things stand now, i can't use arduino1.0.3 -- which is just as well considering how much code of mine that it breaks (arduino.h, really?).  but i would like to try out some libraries written by others for it.

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