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Author Topic: Getting started with Arduino Due  (Read 436 times)
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I am a beginner with Arduino (I'm playing with the Due and ethernet board).
About the development environment:
- Is there a way to have it remember the size of the window?
- Is there a way to have it remember that I want the terminal to be displayed?
- Is there any solution to have an all-in-one development environment with
a single window with user-defined areas, terminal included?



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Anything else we can help you with smiley

There are other "IDEs" around though that may do some of the above. I find the lack of remembering the last window position particularly irritating in this day and age.

EDIT: Here are some Quite nice. Full-on IDE running on MS Visual Studio.
ArduinoX Simple, nice but still very much Alpha level.

There is an Eclipse plugin done by one of the members and an enhanced IDE by another. A forum search should find them.

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