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I am a beginner with Arduino (I'm playing with the Due and ethernet board).
About the development environment:
- Is there a way to have it remember the size of the window?
- Is there a way to have it remember that I want the terminal to be displayed?
- Is there any solution to have an all-in-one development environment with
a single window with user-defined areas, terminal included?




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Anything else we can help you with :)

There are other "IDEs" around though that may do some of the above. I find the lack of remembering the last window position particularly irritating in this day and age.

EDIT: Here are some

http://dalpix.com/mariamole Quite nice.
http://www.visualmicro.com/ Full-on IDE running on MS Visual Studio.
ArduinoX https://github.com/joshmarinacci/arduinox Simple, nice but still very much Alpha level.

There is an Eclipse plugin done by one of the members and an enhanced IDE by another. A forum search should find them.

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