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I'm new to Arduino, but fairly experienced with C++. I'm trying to use vectors in my project and I found multiple STLs online, but I'm having trouble integrating them into my project. Below is how I need to declare the vectors in the header file of my class.

     vector<int> x_location;
     vector<int> y_location;

I consistently get the following error, even after saving the STL files in the Arduino include folder and including them in my sketch and header file:

          error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'vector' with no type

Please help!




Using dynamic memory allocation on a processor with only 2K or so of RAM and no virtual memory is a bad idea. See http://www.eschertech.com/articles/items/art100730.html for some reasons why. As most STL classes use dynamic memory allocation, this means you have to program without most of the STL.

You can simulate a vector using an array and a counter, you just need to decide in advance what is the maximum size you will ever let the vector grow to.
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Also bear in mind that the compiler shipped the Arduino is rather old, so it may not have any support for features added in the last few years to the C++ language.

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