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The final release of the Entropy library, which provides a source of true, cryptographically secure, random numbers on most Arduino platforms, including the UNO, MEGA, Teensy, and Due.  

This final release builds upon the earlier beta releases methods for providing various types of random integers to now also provide random floats, as well as a new method to provide random floats with a gaussian distribution.  All other methods use a uniform distribution, where each possible value has an equal chance of occurring, while the gaussian distribution allows you to specify a mean (average) value and a standard deviation.  This will then produce a series of random floats that would demonstrate those characteristic values if analyzed.  If graphed they would display the typical 'bell curve'.  This new method is most useful for certain types of simulations.  On the AVR based Arduino's as well as the Teensy boards, the library uses timer jitter as the source of the random numbers; however, on the Due it uses the internal hardware random number generator.  

The complete source, along with tests and test results for the library is available from the Google Code depository <http://code.google.com/p/avr-hardware-random-number-generation/>.  For those who just want the library to use, it is available for download from the libraries web page <https://sites.google.com/site/astudyofentropy/project-definition/timer-jitter-entropy-sources/entropy-library>.


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