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Users of my Serial_LCD Library Suite already know 4D Systems, the maker of the screens on which my Serial_LCD library runs.

4D Systems has just released a major update of its IDE Workshop with an outstanding feature: ViSi-Genie.

ViSi-Genie allows to build a professional-looking graphic user interface very easily.

It only requires to drag-and-drop elements, including buttons, sliders or more elaborate ones, and define the events associated, like pressing a button or moving the cursor on a slide-bar.

Read my review with an example completed in just a couple of minutes!


Nice, 4DS have some neat stuff in the pipeline according to "sources".

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com


Nice! I've used the color uOLED-128 in the past and while expensive, it is by far the most beautiful screen. I wonder if the Genie software works on just LED screens or both OLED and LCD.



Just popping my head up to say great job. You guys (generally to the open source community, but to Ard family and the 4D guys specifically for continuing to help us beginners (even though I know that's a bit boring work) (AdaFriut is another example. I'm still neck deep in development (and seeking $ so I can buy more parts (that's not too hard) and hire some of you freelance guys out there (not so easy getting money for that yet). But in short, THANK YOU and good work :)

Avenue33: very solid and careful work (coming from me, doesn't mean much, but it's appreciated)


The 'CON' you listed is a real show stopper for me.  There's no excuse to not offer multi-platform software.

RealBasic has been available for Mac, Windows, and Linux for many years. 
The flight simulator X-Plane, originally written and supported by one person, was (and is) available for all three platforms.  Surely well financed companies could do the same.


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