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Hello, I would love to be able to use an arduino to as a powerbox

in order to connect two servos and he me so 1 cable, have battery voltage on a screen, use the voltage, temperature, amps and everything in its menu.
if possible at the beginning with my name as his writing a bit


From your post I have absolutely no idea what it is you want to do. The photo you posted tells me nothing an I have no idea what the item in that image actually does.


I want to make use of the arduino to be able to make like a menu with options of temperature, voltage, amp and my name written with the starting of the card all its on a screen lcd, with possibility of fonts and sizes of the characters


Temperature, volts, amps, of what? You're not doing very well at describing your intended project.

Take some time and explain exactly what you are trying to do, in detail.


I want to make use of the arduino to visualize the temperature, the tension of an external battery and the amps


This is the specifications:


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