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Hello, i'm planning a wireless sensor network and i have some issues with the communication protocols... I understand that the XBee 802.15.4 module does not include the network and application layer. My question is if it is possible to implement these stacks in the arduino board with the XBee 802.15.4 module.

Thanks in advance.


Xbee modules are basically wire replacements. They have RS232 I/O up to 115200 bps,
and you simply hook them to the UART on your processor chip.


If you get the series 2 XBees, they have full mesh networking transparent to the application.  There is a somewhat reasonable api that you can use that is supported by a library that will make coding to them relatively easy.  There are facilities for packet ack if you want to be sure the packets get to the destination.  This can also be handled in the application for critical messages.

The series 2 XBees can be flashed to support the latest software as it comes out, and there are even facilities to remotely flash them using the xctu tool.  I have a bunch of them around the house; a couple of them (five actually) are just an XBee, power supply, and sensor, no processor involved.  The rest have a processor that does other stuff and sends it status through the XBee.

The series 1 XBees have many of these features, excepting the full networking.  They are a reasonable solution for many point to point projects.  I use the series 2 simply because that's the device I started with and I'm too lazy to learn a new one.

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