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I was wondering if removing the black plastic cover that surrounds the display would damage the display or not.
I'm talking about a classic 16x2 LCD display or similar.
Does it hold the trasparent plate in place? or it is only aesthetic? I don't have a LCD with me now so I can't check


I was wondering if removing the black plastic cover that surrounds the display would damage the display or not.

I believe that most displays are held together by that cover and it will fall apart if the cover is removed.

Hopefully liudr will spot this thread and provide us with an authoritative answer.



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dont you mean black metal cover?

here is a 4 line lcd apart, probable the same as a 2 line,  this one wasnt working properly cleaned the connections and ok again,  it keeps it all together.


yes I meant that black cover, I didn't know it was made of metal.
So that one is needed, right? otherwise the LCD won't stay in place?


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it keeps it all together, why do you want to take it off? is it something to do with mounting the lcd some how, i have a solution.


only because it wouldn't look nice with the design I'm wondering, I would prefer to mount the lcd just like if it was one of those 7-segment led display


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yer i know what you mean, this is something im trying to make at the moment using a 4 line lcd, doest look too bad just waiting for countersink screws and a lable fits over the top so it hides the screws.


The pink and black rubber pieces are the clever bit - the black layer of the sandwich is actually lots of very very thin black conductive
strips running through the rubber like the letters in seaside rock, allowing contact between the transparent electrodes on the
glass of the LCD and the PCB when the whole thing is pressed together.  This allows reliable contact between the inflexible flat glass as the
not perfectly flat pcb without placing too much pressure on the glass.
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