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Hey all,

I want to start a project where I can play music through a set of speakers wirelessly from my cell phone. I have yet to buy anything, and I wont until I know exactly what to get. The whole concept is that I can connect to the speaker set up and set my phone down on or next to the speakers, and enjoy music without any wired connection to the phone at all.

I would even be content with a small dongle-like transmitter I could plug into the headphone or charger jack on my phone.  I would much rather use Bluetooth than wifi, and Xbee would be nice if it could receive audio from a cell phone. However I believe that the arduino BT doesn't isn't compatible with audio devices.

Im just wondering how I should do this so I could get the best quality, and not break the bank. feel free to point out anything I seem to be missing. Also, this is my first Arduino project, so that's good to keep in mind as well.

Thanks so much for reading, and any advice you have to give.


I don't see where an Arduino would fit into this. If your phone has bluetooth audio capability, then you could get a bluetooth module that supports the appropriate profiles, but it's audio output would go directly to your speakers. You're as well just getting a bluetooth speaker, or something like http://www.logitech.com/en-gb/speakers-audio/home-pc-speakers/wireless-speaker-adapter.


The newest Arduino Due should support BT. Maybe need a BT shield.


The newest Arduino Due should support BT. Maybe need a BT shield.

Yes but that is going to be much more expensive than a dedicated BT device.


I agree that an Arduino isn't the best approach for that project. Get something like this:

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