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A new version of SdFat is available as sdfatlib20121217.zip http://code.google.com/p/sdfatlib/downloads/list.

This version supports AVR boards, Arduino Due, and Teensy 3.0.

There are many changes so please read the changes.txt file. 

Note the following change:

The default for ALLOW_DEPRECATED_FUNCTIONS has been changed to
false.  If you get compile errors for these functions, either
change to the prefered replacement function indicated in the
error message or set ALLOW_DEPRECATED_FUNCTIONS nonzero.

A key change was to remove sd.init(spiRateID, chipSelect) in favor of
sd.begin(chipSelect, spiRateID).  The difference between these two is
the order of the arguments which has caused serious confusion at times.


A number of configuration options can be set by editing SdFatConfig.h
#define macros.  Options include:

ALLOW_DEPRECATED_FUNCTIONS - enable or disable deprecated functions.

Deprecated functions will be removed in a future version of SdFat.


Again, thanks for sharing!
Rob Tillaart

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