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Another answer: Use an external EEPROM with an SPI or I2C interface.

Dear Rob,

I am building a running time counter for  a machine to find out the time the machine runs. I am thinking to store the running times in a EEPROM in case if any power failure occurs I could be able to recover the stored running duration.. Can you please suggest what would be the best idea? external EEPROM or built in EEPROM? BTW I am using Arduino UNO.

Thank you.


All the replies make good points.

I do note that the EEPROM on AVR's is seldom used.  I'm working on a routine to not only store constant stuff (like character generator tables for LCD) in EEPROM, but also to manage EEPROM use with a very primitive directory structure, so sketches can find the base address of tables in EEPROM.

Almost working, I'll post soon.

EEPROM is likely too small for what you need however, huh?

Slow to write, fast(-ish) to read, non-volatile, good for 1,000,000 writes...
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What about storing it to a SPI mass storage device , or SD card which it`s normally called.

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