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OK, I'm moving along with my playing with different MCU types and bootloading/direct programming via Arduino ISP.

I'm all done fine with regular 328P-PU and 328P-PN. I've also succesfully done a 1284P using Mighty1284 and the Bobuino pin mappings.

Now I'm trying the non-P 328. I've got a  bootloader burned and I can upload a sketch via USB>TTL but it odesn't work directly as 'Upload Using Programmer'.

I get the "MCU 'atmega328' supported for assembler only".

As far as my searching can tell me, this is something to do with the bundles avr-gcc not recognising the 328, but I can't find a definitive answer as to if it can be resolved.

So, is it possible to make changes to get the IDE 'Upload Using Programmer' working on a 328 or can it not be done at all without resorting to either USB>TTL via the bootloader, or using a newer avrdude via command line?

My next mission is to look at modifying files to burn the 1284P bootloader to 644P, and then look at how I can change to running any of these at 20MHz (since I've got a couple of 20MHz crystals today).


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There are a couple of files that need an addition each. one for the ArduinoIDE and one for AVRDude.
It has been documented a bunch of times.


Thanks. I'll have another look through those bits and see if I can fix it.


Using an Arduino Uno, you can program your Atmega328 with a bootloader or directly with any other hex file (you do not really need a bootloader for most applications) by following the steps of this tutorial: http://pdp11.byethost12.com/AVR/ArduinoAsProgrammer.htm

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