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I have a Astrosyn P/N 23 LM-K005-P3 7.0 V/Phase No. (Missing)  Made by Minebea Co Ltd.
The motor has 8 wires, plus a ground to the outside case of the motor.  I have determined the following wire pattern.

Red/ white and solid white are a pair

Solid Red, and solid black = pair

Green/White and black/white = pair

I have an orange and green wire that shows no reading with any of the other wires.

A blue wire goes to the ground screw on the outside of the housing.

My Question - Should the orange and green not also make a pair.  Having no contact, does this mean I have one dead coil, or is there some other configuration for these two wires.  Does anyone have a wiring diagram, or can give me any help with this. If I'm not asking in the right group, for this info can you tell me where I should post this question. And with that I'm apparently at my limit for this post.
Harvey in Kelowna, BC.

in Kelowna, BC


i think you have a dead coil. when u have a 8 Wire stepper motor, it means that it have 4coil. Since you can only measure 3 coil it means that the 4th is dead


Further to my Dec 19th message I found the broken wire, and have repaired it. I now have the fourth pair being the green and orange. Is there anyone here that can help me finding the right combination now to get the coils in order.

Harvey in Kelowna.
in Kelowna, BC


I don't see it listed on the maker's website and I'm sure you looked already, but have you contacted them for a data sheet? Perhaps it's an obsolete model which someone might still have info on and could scan an old hardcopy for you?
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Your answer may already be here: https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=384198.0


A fairly standard colour coding I think - I've an old "Superior Electric" brand stepper with the same colour codes,
not sure which windings are which, you test that by trial and error normally!  Only one sequence will step cleanly...

Alternatively a dual-trace 'scope will allow you to compare phases against each other.
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Still working with this motor,  While I had this apart fixing the broken wire, I did make note of the wire connections inside.  If I were to post them, would this be of any use in determining the correct rotation.  Thanks.
in Kelowna, BC

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