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hi there. I have a problem with my XBee's. I am doing an object tracking robot tank controlled by iPhone. It has a pan-tilt camera to tracks the objects. It is not an autonomous robot. It controlled by iPhone. Here is my problem. I coded object tracking in Microsoft Visual C++ and I used Tserial library for serial communication. On robot tank side, I use TouchOSC and Processing software. So I must run Microsoft Visual C++ and Processing same time to control robot. But they are overlapped. What should I do to handle this problem?

please help me immediately.




Sounds like a fun robot project. However, I don't know anything about iPhones, and from
your description, I don't understand what you mean by "they are overlapped". iPhone is
separate from XBee, VC++ runs on the PC, and the Arduino has its own software.

All in all, what I would suggest is closing this thread out, and rephrasing your questions in
the "Networking, Protocols, and Devices" section of this forum.


Vc++ and Processing can not send datas by serial connection at the same time.

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