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I ordered Lynxmotion servo brackets and other parts to build a humanoid robot like the one in the image:


Wow, the robot is really cool! How much of it? Are you buy some servo brackets and assembling it by yourself?



You didn't mention if you bought the servos too. Bipeds like that have special torque
requirements on the hip and ankle servos, so you'll need to pay attention to the torque
values of the servos lynxmotion uses.


I already have six 240 oz-in servos, six 240 oz-in servos on the way to my house, two Parallax standard 43.1 oz-in servos, and four EZ-Robot S08NF standard servos. Any tips on building the biped?


I have no advice on this. Since you didn't buy a kit, you're largely on your own now.
You might be able to download instructions on building similar robots from the
lynxmotion site. To build a biped like the one you showed really takes a lot of work
and the program code will be very complicated - timing all those joints.

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