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It's my first time to create a circuit with an Arduino microcontroller.

I try to control 3 3-way solenoid valves (GALTEK, 24 VDC, .50 AMPS, 12 Watts) in order to switch them accordingly to a certain time schedule or an instrument output. The application in which I will use it is air sampling.

Additionally, we own a KEITHLEY ERA-01 electromechanical 8-channel SPDT relay output accessory board and an Arduino ethernet.

There is any previous similar experience either in circuit diagram or the programming?

Thank you.


It should just be a simple sequence, simular to an LED shifter.

0001 led1 on, led2-4 off
0010 led2 on, led1 & 3,4 off
0100 led3 on, led 1,2, 4 off
1000 led4 on, led1-3 off

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Ok, then you can simply use:

digitalWrite(relay1, HIGH); digitalWrite(relay2, LOW); digitalWrite(relay3, LOW);
digitalWrite(relay1, LOW); digitalWrite(relay2, HIGH); digitalWrite(relay3, LOW);
digitalWrite(relay1, LOW); digitalWrite(relay2, LOW); digitalWrite(relay3, HIGH);

OR, you can use port manipulation, but I dont it is need for this project.

Look at example Blink LED without delay, if you haven't already.
Does there need to be any particular sequence?

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