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I have got my self an Wireless Car ELM327 OBD2 OBDII Bluetooth Diagnostic Interface .Ebay Iten number :-200840588989.
The question I am asking is ..Has anyone read the Bluetooth signal with an Arduino. If so how?
If not will it be even possible to do so.
What I would like to do is display things that I don't have on the car dash board.
I can do this with the android software ..But I do not want to leave my Android in the car all the time.
And would a :- Bluetooth Wireless Serial Port Module RS232 TTL Transceiver . eBay item number 221162191478. Be the best method of reading the Bluetooth signal.

Many thanks Antony.


Well I guess no one has done this yet :)



I also have one of these tied to my cellphone, "Torque Pro" reconnects to the bluetooth when it gets back in range.

I don't have the full protocol specs of OBDII communication but shouldn;t be too big a deal once you've got the protocol


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Have a look at OBDuino (search google). It uses a cable to connect to OBD2 but since the source code is available you can modify it to use bluetooth.

Edit http://code.google.com/p/opengauge/wiki/OBDuino#Introduction



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