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Nick Gammon

Googling won't necessarily help. I tried to explain in reply #240.

Can you describe in what way that reply does not address the issue for you?


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Well i have no idea on how to tell the code to return to X point in the list of cases once it reaches the end of the code and to repeat that action continuously.

okay, now i have both hands free. Was eating haha.

Basically i dont know the code line to return to a certain possition, and i dont know how you could define that position. Does each case statement end up with it being numbered automatically or what?

I guess i need help on this because of not knowing the command lines to do it and im also looking to understand how the process works as well.

Nick Gammon

You have to try to understand the code. Seriously.

I don't know how else to explain it. Perhaps someone else can do a better job than me.


Well the thing is, i dont know what the code is to make it loop.

"go back to 1" isnt really the code to say go back to 1.

I dont know what code to put in to make it go back to X place in the code.

I know what your trying to say, but i dont have the command lines to make it "go back to X place" anyway, so even if i did understand it i wouldnt be able to use it because i dont have that line(s)


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