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Keep in mind that the Due has digital pins D2 through D53 and A0 through A11.


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74HC595 is good for shifting in & holding 8 outputs.
TPIC6B595 is much better for the same, use pullup resistors to pull output to whatever voltage you need, (9V, 12V), outputs will sink 150mA continuously.

Only need 3 pins to control can daisy chain many for more outputs, or wire clock/data in parallel to all and use seperate latch signal for each.
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Thanks all for the detailed response.  Santa was nice to me, and I have been learning to use the soldering iron with much success.

Now to try to get everything to work together.  The plan is to put it all in a Weather Balloon.

Greynomad I am near Gatton, just finished 2 years going around Australia myself (though not sure I could do 12), time to settle down as the kids start school.  I will give Mouser a try, thanks.

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