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Dear all,

I have few questions about  serial functions in arduino, they are highlighted in code:

#define LIN_SERIAL            HardwareSerial  // if LIN_SERIAL is defined as hardware serial  then I cannot  define UART anymore as hardware serial for teensy?
class Lin
 void serialBreak(void);
 // For Lin 1.X "start" should = 0, for Lin 2.X "start" should be the addr byte.
 static uint8_t dataChecksum(const uint8_t* message, char nBytes,uint16_t start=0);
 static uint8_t addrParity(uint8_t addr);

 Lin(LIN_SERIAL& ser=Serial,uint8_t txPin=1); //ser=serial what this means in Arduino, ?
 LIN_SERIAL& serial;// same with this line, what is the function of it?
 uint8_t txPin;               //  isnt that pin allready defined by board
 int     serialSpd;           //  in bits/sec. Also called baud rate
 uint8_t serialOn;            //  whether the serial port is "begin"ed or "end"ed.  Optimization so we don't begin twice.
 unsigned long int timeout;   //  How long to wait for a slave to fully transmit when doing a "read".  You can modify this after calling "begin"
 void begin(int speed);

 // Send a message right now, ignoring the schedule table.
 void send(uint8_t addr, const uint8_t* message,uint8_t nBytes,uint8_t =2); //how is the send function defined in arduino?

 // Receive a message right now, returns 0xff if good checksum, # bytes received (including checksum) if checksum is bad.
 uint8_t recv(uint8_t addr, uint8_t* message, uint8_t nBytes,uint8_t proto=2); // how is the recv function working in arduino, can I use Arduino alternatives for this line to recievce all bytes from bus



ser=serial what this means in Arduino, ?

The same as it means in C++.
"ser" is a reference to a "LIN_SERIAL" object, and its default value is the "Serial" object.

Code: [Select]
LIN_SERIAL& serial;// same with this line, what is the function of it?
It's a reference.

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