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Hi all,
I have a strange problem. I have a Arduino + Ethernet shield set up as a webserver. I try to build up a html page and have problems with the Arduino not responding. It boils down to the following

This works (page displays properly)
server.println ("server << "<div class=\"ui-grid-a\">");

This does not work
server.println ("<div class=\"ui-grid-a\">");
server.println ("<div class=\"ui-block-a\">");

I truly do not understand why the latter does not work since in my simple world the webserver should just process what it has been told to process? I am truly a newbee but this makes no sense to me... I also see the same "effect" when I comment out other codes in my sketch, I can not find any logic in why it works/not works since it is basically just the matter of pushing out some html code...



I don't use server.print. I use client.print. Maybe you should post all your code. Here is mine.


Hi again, thanks for replying

Here is my full code - oh yeah it is more or less rip-off from what I have found out there, but that is what open source is all abt  :)

See line with text "//ACTIVATING THIS LINE F** THINGS UP ???"


A couple of questions. Did we really need to see all that commented out code? Is your delete key broken?

Second, why are you not using the F() macro to save precious SRAM?

     server.println(F("<html><meta http-equiv=\"refresh\" content=\"5\">));

     server.println(F("<!DOCTYPE html>"));

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