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I need to make a simple circuit by connecting two DS18B20 sensors to an arduino controller to measure the temperatures at the inlet and the outlet of a water pipe. Can anyone please help me with the circuit and the code required for such setup?

NB : the distance between both sensors will be about 1 meter, which is the length of the pipe


The distance between the sensors is immaterial as far as Arduino is concerned.


Thanks Nick,

I have the circuit ready but I get an error when I try to upload the code.

Arduino: 1.8.1 (Windows 10), Board: "Arduino/Genuino Uno"

C:\Users\Omar Anan\Desktop\sketch_apr17a\sketch_apr17a.ino:8:21: fatal error: OneWire.h: No such file or directory

 #include <OneWire.h>


compilation terminated.

exit status 1
Error compiling for board Arduino/Genuino Uno.

This report would have more information with
"Show verbose output during compilation"
option enabled in File -> Preferences.

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