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I want to make an FPV setup for my robot. The camera module is OV7670. I want to send the video feed wirelessly and receive it on another arduino on an LCD screen. While this is not possible with an arduino UNO (which is all I have!), I wanted to to convert the digital video signal inputted to arduino UNO from module to composite video signal which can then be hooked to an analog RF TV transmitter (which I have!) and received on a T.V. with just an antenna. Can someone please help me with this?

PS:- I have already looked at https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11745 which outputs RCA signal directly, but I am looking for alternatives as this is costly.


You don't need an arduino to do this.
You take a parallel D/A chip and put it on the video output. This gives you the video signal.
You then take the VSYNC and HSYNC and mix it with gates to get a composite sync output, as shown here:-

Then you add together your sync and video as shown here:-


There are also modules who has composite out like this one


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