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I am trying get my breadboarded atmega328 working with the Arduino IDE. It was working with AVRDude via command line which worked fine. Then I tried through the IDE, it uploaded fine, but didn't blink. Then I tried to burn a bootloader :smiley-eek:. I had it set to arduino mini w/atmega328 and now I get avrdude: initialization failed, rc=-1. AVRDude via command line won't work either.
Is there any hope to get my chip running again?


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What a noob move. Reading up a little more I am afraid it disabled SPI. I'm bricked.


Did you use a programmer to upload the sketch ?
If you can do that, you can also load the bootloader.

But it has to match. Is your breadboard ATmega328P running at 16MHz ?

The most common problem is setting the fuses for an external crystal, while there is no external crystal. If you did that, connect a clock signal or a crystal. After that use avrdude (with -vvv) to read the fuses. Try to find out what they should be, and set the fuses right for the Arduino. After that try uploading a matching bootloader.


Woo hoo! It was just the crystal not wired correctly. Thanks for your help.

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