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Hello.I make many projects for control arduino from web browser with ethernet card,from gsm with sms and cellphone and now with android smartphone or tablet (IOWebBt apk) work as GPRS/3G shield without ethernet card.User (Client web browser)<--->Cloud (web server)<--->Android+bluetooth+Internet connection(3G or wi/fi)<---->Arduino + bluetooth+Sensors<--->Blink led on/off,control servo motors,robots,cars,boats....anything you want.I work for transfer pictures,video,location and others values from android sensors.Look my new site http://www.power7.net for more informations.


I make another android application WEB CONTROL LED which control android and your arduino with LDR.If android flash LED on , arduino receive from analog pin (LDR) the signal and open another led or device.Look my new site www.power7.net


Hello arduino friends.I updates my site power7.net with my new application to convert an android smartphone to modem (3G shield) for arduino via usb.You need usb shield or android ADK.I test it with Sony Xperia and usb shield 2.0.


Hi there, I like your projects!  It is a nice site you have set up. :D I would like to connect my Bluetooth S425G TracFone (master) to my Arduino Uno R3 and Bluetooth Gold Mate (slave).  Do you know how I'd get started on that?  It is not an Android phone and I don't want to use a web server if not required (connecting to browser is expensive on pre-paid phone).  However the phone does have BT and a discoverable feature.  I can already connect both the BT Gold Mate and BT Cell Phone to my computer through use of a USB dongle, but can I connect the devices without a computer?  that is after I upload my sketch to the arduino uno. :smiley-eek-blue:


I update my Web Controller page with arduino web code.You can control all the arduino pins with your code.Example if you write P5H P6L P13H the pin 5 is high,pin 6 low,pin 13 high.Android read data from http://power7.net/arduwebcode.txt and send via bluetooth to arduino.You must create a sketch for decode the data for your code with indexOf() method. If you change the simple led with IR led you can control a device(for example A/C) with IR signals.
If you have a dyndns account and use your pc with XAMPP or arduino+ethernet shield with sd card you can create your webserver.You must load one php file...look into Resources page ( Arduino using PHP and Processing ).Enjoy your project!!!



I have been trying to follow your example regarding sending an SMS from from Arduino.

However using text mode as opposed to PDU.

Yet I cant even seem to get it to respond to the basic command of Serial.println("AT"); and get the response back OK.

Only thing I can think of now is the power supply as it's 8V 300mA, but I can't see how this would be an issue since I can ring it from my mobile and the ring light flashes.


I update my site www.power7.net with photos and videos for Arduino and ethernet card W5100 for control A/C with IR led via web.At few days i will create a super full android application for control your arduino real time or automatically with timer from web browser ( Control room page )for robots,cars,boats,helicopters,etc with camera sensor,gps sensor (all android sensors) with android as modem via usb,bluetooth.Stay on-line!!!



hai i saw your web site www.power7.net.. its really awesome...

i want to do a project wireless internet control robot.. that means webserver->android->ardino usb->motors..with  camera.

i want to control motors from website.. it just like your led project..

but my problem is i need android software which interface both 'Power Web Spy Camera IO Web Usb' and - 'Arduino web remote control with android as modem over usb'. this two are your project.. i want to interface this two.. i need android software and coding.. can you please help me..


Hi , I need to control a servo motor with a shield gprs(sim900 seeestudio) + arduino R3 .. But i don't fid a program .. Can you help me ? I don't know what version of arduino use ? if you have a program that looks like what i want i don't mind :)
Please help

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