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I have been trying to follow your example regarding sending an SMS from from Arduino.

However using text mode as opposed to PDU.

Yet I cant even seem to get it to respond to the basic command of Serial.println("AT"); and get the response back OK.

Only thing I can think of now is the power supply as it's 8V 300mA, but I can't see how this would be an issue since I can ring it from my mobile and the ring light flashes.
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I update my site www.power7.net with photos and videos for Arduino and ethernet card W5100 for control A/C with IR led via web.At few days i will create a super full android application for control your arduino real time or automatically with timer from web browser ( Control room page )for robots,cars,boats,helicopters,etc with camera sensor,gps sensor (all android sensors) with android as modem via usb,bluetooth.Stay on-line!!!
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hai i saw your web site www.power7.net.. its really awesome...

i want to do a project wireless internet control robot.. that means webserver->android->ardino usb->motors..with live stream camera.

i want to control motors from website.. it just like your led project..

but my problem is i need android software which interface both 'Power Web Spy Camera IO Web Usb' and - 'Arduino web remote control with android as modem over usb'. this two are your project.. i want to interface this two.. i need android software and coding.. can you please help me..


Hi , I need to control a servo motor with a shield gprs(sim900 seeestudio) + arduino R3 .. But i don't fid a program .. Can you help me ? I don't know what version of arduino use ? if you have a program that looks like what i want i don't mind :)
Please help

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