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I'm new using Arduino. I bought a Bluetooth module (JY-MCU v1.02) I'm trying to use it with my Arduino UNO SMD. I've tried every single piece of code I've found on the internet. I'm starting to think that my  BT module came wrong.

I'm connecting it as shown every where: VCC => 5v; GND => GND; TXD => RX; RXD => TX. I'm not being able to see it listed as a BT device when I attempt to pair a device with any BT device (my MBP, iPhone and even a Symbian phone of my mother; I haven't tried on windows since I don't own a windows computer).

If anybody already has one of this modules, can PLEASE PLEASE tell me if the device shows up listed when trying to pair on other BT devices with only connecting the power pins on the Arduino?

The code I've uploaded on the Arduino is:

Code: [Select]

void setup() {  

void loop() {
 String lns;
 char cs;

 if (Serial.available()) {
   while (Serial.available())
     cs = Serial.read();
     if (cs == '|' || cs == '\n' || cs == '\r')
     lns += cs;
   Serial.println("HAY DATA: "+lns);


Iphone will not connect to this bluetooth device. You can however use a HID profile over bluetooth and it connects fine.
Here is a post about it


I'm having the same issue as you.  I've plugged in the 5V to VCC on the JY-MCU, and GND to GND, both from the arduino.  With just this configuration, we should be able to see the device in a list of bluetooth devices waiting to be paired, right?

I've also tried creating a little serial program (like you did), with no luck.  Did you ever get this to work?  Following the steps at the pinguino link didn't work.


I think it is correct that connecting to the power is sufficient to pair the device. If the LED is flashing about 5Hz, it has power OK. When it is paired, the flash is about 1Hz. It comes up as Linvor.  It might be best to prove the bluetooth by just sending data to the PC.  This is done with the same serial.print command for the monitor, i.e. no extra programming is required for bluetooth. All the fiddling is at the PC end! RealTerm is a popular freebie for this.   


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