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Hello everyone!

I'm working on a report about the Arduino Uno R3. Before starting that I had never actually heard about Arduino and I don't really know anything about programming, still, I hope you guys can help me.

My actual question is: What is ICSP?

I know it's an abbreviation for In-Circuit Serial Programming, but this is more of an action, not the 6 pins you can see on the board twice. I'm wondering what those pins actually do and I hope you guys are willing to help me with this.



If you promise to translate my reply and post it with the same question you posted over in the Netherlands section?

It means you can reprogram the processor without removing it from the circuit, and without relying on the bootloader in the processor.
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Done that :)

But does that mean you can connect those pins to your computer? If so, how do you do that? If not, how do you acces this reprogramming?

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