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I am making this single sided arduino board .

this has DB9 connector.

I want to know that , if this can be use directly or need some drivers ?

and can i able to use serial read feature through this ?


as long as you have a 9 pin com port it works fine


Your computer has an RS232 port?  That's probably all the driver you need.
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my understanding is that the Arduino IDE has a "built" in board descriptor for programing though I would make a change or two if you use a 328 instead of 168.
I would also relocate the reset button. hidden under a shield made it hard to reach.
as for the "I think you meant..." the DB-9 connector is still attached to the D0/D1 pins so you'll still be able to do regular digital stuff with it. so you shouldn't have problems there.
Oh, and I would add extra power connectors for 5v/Gnd; maybe something similar to a breadboard power rail. and maybe add a 3.3v power rail also.
that's one of the great things about Open Hardware. nothing's hidden and you can do whatever you want to with it in your own designs.

have fun with it.

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