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I've been working with the rMp3 shield from Rogue Robotics for most of the day, and I'm pulling my hair out over one thing. I'm running the example code located here:
However, I don't have an LCD so I am instead routing the output values from the spectrum analysis array to a line that says
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serial.print((int)v[i]) and looking at the resulting intensities over time.

Other than this print command, I have made only one other change to the code. I cannot get it to run with a baud rate of 38400, so I had to run
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rmp3_s.begin at 9600. If I change the serial rate to anything other than 9600, the shield will not sync, and so I can't even play the music.

Logically, I should see the decibels that are associated with each of the frequencies, right? Instead, I get nothing that's even slightly associated with the values. I do get values and they do change, every once in a while.

Is this the right way to look at the simple output of the system? How important is the baud rate for this? How do I get it running for a baud rate higher than 9600? I'm just looking for the values to change if the music changes, and I'm not even getting that.

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