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Hi everyone,

I am looking for some code for the GY-80 BMP085 Magnetic Acceleration Gyroscope Module that is supposed to be for Arduino.  However, for the life of me and many, many, many, many, many hours of searching the internet i cannot find any code for it.  Does anyone know where i can find the code for this Module?  It is for my rocket...

Thanks :)


According to the comments on the DX site:
The L3G4200D is a low-power three-axis angular rate sensor...
The ADXL345 is a 3-Axis, ±2 g/±4 g/±8 g/±16 g Digital Accelerometer...
The HMC5883L is designed for three-axis magnetic compass with a digital interface...
The BMP085 is a digital pressure sensor...

You just need to treat it as a set of four individual devices.

Adafruit has a good explanation on how to wire up an I2C device and also explains how to access the BMP085 sensor: http://learn.adafruit.com/bmp085/overview and make sure you note the list of pages on the left.
Blidr.org has a library for the ADXL345: http://bildr.org/2011/03/adxl345-arduino/
Pololu has an L3G4200D library: https://github.com/pololu/L3G
And Bildr again for the HMC5883L library: http://bildr.org/2012/02/hmc5883l_arduino/

The other X_XXXX pins appear to be non-critical. They access special features of the respective chips (P_XXX for the pressure sensor, A_INT1 for the accelerometer, T_INT1 for the gyro, and M_DRDY for the magnetometer). You'll need to dig into the datasheets for those chips to get the details there.


The GY-80 can be bought on Ebay, and contains:
- L3G4200D   (3 axis gyro)
- ADXL345   (3 axis accelerometer)
- HMC5883L   (compass)
- BMP085   (baromic pressure sensor)

You could look in the Playground section and search for those sensors : http://arduino.cc/playground/Main/InterfacingWithHardware

I don't think there is a sketch that does everything at once.
So you must use code to interface with each sensor seperately, to retrieve the basic gyro, accel, compass and baromic data before you can combine and use them.

Edit: While I was typing this, Chagrin already posted a message with the same conclusion.


Thanks guys i will definately try the 1 sensor at a time approach thanks! :)


Hi guys, I wrote a little guide for the gy-80 on my blog with the MWC correct code, explanation and some image for the pullup resistors.

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