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I am using wifi shield v2.0 provided at


Can some one please tell me weather its possible to transfer a text file from the board to a laptop.
I am using arduino mega adk with a sd card module in which the file is stored.

Please help me.


Yes, but only with cooperation from software running on the laptop.


thanks. but can you please provide me any software name that i might be able to use.
if there is any software, is there any example that might help me?


If you have a USB connection to the PC (as well as the WiFi you mention) you could send it over the serial port. You'd need an application on the PC to receive it and save it to a file. On Windows, you can use Gobetwino for that. On any other OS, you'd need to write your own.

If you want to use the WiFi then you need a server application that you can access via TCP/IP. A web server would be the most obvious choice, but there are other protocols you could use instead, or you could write your own custom app,

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