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I'm currently making an USB-Controlled 8x8 RGB-Matrix powered by an ATmega32U4 and TLC5947.

It is basically set up as a 24x8-Matrix so that one row at a time can by driven by a single TLC5947. (I know this is quite a challenge because there's no library yet)
The rows are switched by 8 P-Channel MOSFETS which are tied to a port register which enables me to simply shift a 0000 0001 pattern through for multiplexing.

But as I'm not that experienced with this topic it would be nice if someone here could have a look at the schematics, just in case I missed out something important!


Q9 doesnt seem to do anything ?  it doesnt show where P3 conn goes, but the gate is at ground so the mosfet will just be on all the time ?

Are all the mosfets logic level?


Thanks for looking!
Q9 should prevent reverse polarity. Got the idea from here: http://www.lothar-miller.de/s9y/categories/39-Verpolschutz
P1 is the power connector. 1 is +5V and 2,3 are GND

And yes, I'll use IRLML 5203 which are P-Channel Logic Level MOSFETS.


Right, that makes sense with connections explained..

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