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for all: Live long and prosper!

It looks like Christmas here. This morning a nice, crispy -30C, plenty of snow on the ground and hoar frost on the trees.

Do you have some nice pictures? Here in Netherlands we have rain @ 10C :(
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We've had rain too; summer thunderstorm at about 30C. We had Christmas lunch in the garden (before the rain came).
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for all: Live long and prosper!

Back at ya!

Here in Netherlands we have rain @ 10C :(

We've had rain too; summer thunderstorm at about 30C.

We have an unpleasant combination of the two: 3C, steady rain mixed with lightning, thunder, and small hail.  Fixin' to turn to freezing rain later.


Merry Christmas to all, or whatever version of seasons greetings you partake of.

Here in eastern, MA, USA. it started out snowy, so we had a whitish Christmas to start the day.  It has since melted off. But we're expecting 6-12" tomorrow, so that has a better chance of sticking around 8)
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Nick Gammon

We had nice weather on Xmas day (22 C) but it's getting hotter again!

In the Arduino Cave here, it gets quite sleepy in the afternoons as the sun beats down, and the temperature climbs into the high 20s (mid 80s if you use Fahrenheit).

We seem to have quite a bit of turkey left over. It was turkey lunch, turkey dinner, turkey lunch again ... and for dinner tonight? Turkey, perhaps?

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