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Hi guys I have been shopping around for an IMU to buy. I found a 9DOF one on ebay for very cheap, but after reading online that they can be unreliable i found one on amazon. It is only a 6DOF IMU but is it safe to say that will be good enough? It is a little more expensive than the one on ebay but it is from SainSmart which i believe is a reputable brand. Anyway, here is the link. Please could you just check it out and then tell me if i should go ahea because i do not want to waste money on something that is completely useless/irrelevant to my project.




I am starting to sell an inexpensive IMU that I designed for my engineering students' projects.  It has a very fast and stable algorithm that computes and sends out roll, pitch, and yaw over SPI to the Arduino.  There are a couple of example Arduino programs and videos at www.jebobrow.com  I'm selling it for $25 right now.


hi i need arduino code for tricopter. Who can send me a sample template/codes. my email kaplanpencesix@hotmail.com

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