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i dloaded the s/w from processing.org  ,but how does it work with the UNO?
just gibberish on the monitor.


i dloaded the s/w from processing.org

What software?

but how does it work with the UNO?

How does what work with the UNO?

just gibberish on the monitor.

Try some Windex.

Or tell us what code is running on the Arduino, what code is running in Processing, and what monitor you are talking about.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


it can go on the backburner ,i just have no clue which prog to download from the firmata wiki page,
i have a numer of arduino text books and none of them are clear precisely what to do to get firmata running.
they gloss over it with little clear info .


they gloss over it with little clear info .

They're not the only ones.


Firmata speaks a binary protocol, hence the gibberish.

If you want a command interpreter on your Arduino that talks a language humans can read, give Bitlash a try: http://bitlash.net

You can control Bitlash from the PC over the serial port, just like firmata.  For an example of how to do this, there's Bitlash Commander: https://github.com/billroy/bitlash-commander

You can also control Bitlash from Processing by sending commands over the serial port.

Good luck with your project.


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