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I would like to control a bar of RGB LEDs I am going to make that will run off 12V. I understand I will need 3 to control the red green and blue separately. What kind of potentiometer will I need to do this?



with nothing else in the mix a huge expensive rheostat to handle the current


I really need that big of one for 12V?
It will probably only be no more than 2A



Probably have to know more about your 'bar of rgb led's and how they are wired up. A drawing showing the individual leds and how they are wired to each other would be a good starting point. And on using a pot to adjust current flow, I would propose that you are best off using both a resistor and a pot in series such that turning the pot to 'zero ohms' position doesn't burn everything up. Calculate the fixed resistor to set the absolute maximum current flow and then allow the pot to dim from there.


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