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Hi All,

          I had just received my Parallex RFID reader and connected them to my Arduino Uno with

Arduino RX to RFID SOUT
Arduino GND to RFID GND
Arduino Digital pin 2 to RFID /Enable
Arduino +5V to RFID Vcc pin.

          However when I run the code in the forum, I got XXxx 00 as shown at the bottom of the post and not the card number. BTW I am using the 2 cards that come together with the RFID reader. I do not know what happen. Anyone can advise? Thanks a lot


Code: [Select]

// RFID reader for Arduino
// Wiring version by BARRAGAN <http://people.interaction-ivrea.it/h.barragan>
// Modified for Arudino by djmatic

int  val = 0;
char code[10];
int bytesread = 0;

void setup() {

Serial.begin(2400); // RFID reader SOUT pin connected to Serial RX pin at 2400bps
pinMode(2,OUTPUT);   // Set digital pin 2 as OUTPUT to connect it to the RFID /ENABLE pin
digitalWrite(2, LOW);                  // Activate the RFID reader

void loop() {

  if(Serial.available() > 0) {          // if data available from reader
    if((val = Serial.read()) == 10) {   // check for header
      bytesread = 0;
      while(bytesread<10) {              // read 10 digit code
        if( Serial.available() > 0) {
          val = Serial.read();
          if((val == 10)||(val == 13)) { // if header or stop bytes before the 10 digit reading
            break;                       // stop reading
          code[bytesread] = val;         // add the digit           
          bytesread++;                   // ready to read next digit 
      if(bytesread == 10) {              // if 10 digit read is complete
        Serial.print("TAG code is: ");   // possibly a good TAG
        Serial.println(code);            // print the TAG code
      bytesread = 0;
      digitalWrite(2, HIGH);                  // deactivate the RFID reader for a moment so it will not flood
           delay(1500);                       // wait for a bit
           digitalWrite(2, LOW);                  // Activate the RFID reader

// extra stuff
// digitalWrite(2, HIGH);             // deactivate RFID reader

Tom Carpenter

Dec 28, 2012, 01:19 pm Last Edit: Dec 28, 2012, 02:16 pm by Tom Carpenter Reason: 1
Code: [Select]

Look at the bottom right of the arduino Serial Monitor, and tell me what is wrong  :).



          Sorry. I dont know that I need to still set the serial monitor. I thought serial.begin(2400) will do the job...hahaha

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