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Hi I'm building game show buzzers and i want to have a buzzer noise. How can I do this? I will be attaching a small speaker to my arduino through one of the digital pins. Will the ffunction tone work?


Will the ffunction tone work?

have you tried it?

be aware that 8 ohm speakers can result in more current in a pin than an Arduino can handle!

Have you considered a wave-shield, with mp3 files, you can make as many sounds as you like: - per player - per round - depending on the score etc.
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I really don't want to buy a shield because I want to keep this project cheap. Is there a speaker that you rrecommend me using?


A piezo beeper or buzzer driven near its resonant frequency is (1) quite loud, (2) inexpensive,  (3) suitable for being driven from an arduino output pin with a small resistor, and (4) works well with tone() and notone().

Available everywhere, for example: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/7950?


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