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Chalk it up as 'experience', and put it on the shelf. Repair it later, maybe you can get a schematic for it. "Shotgunning" parts at it can be expensive and a waste of time. The 'inrush current' of a battery, which of course happens at the speed of light, can create a lot of smoke.


I really dont want to trash this supply, and i know its not returnable due to the sellers policy, but don't want to put myself at risk trying to fix it.

Sounds like the only option is to hire someone to fix it for you, at a cost that potentially far exceeds that of a new unit.


A little googling found this address....of the manufacturer. Email them for a schematic.



Yep, sounds like you connected the battery backwards. That is the only thing that could blow up the PSU.

Try to take some pictures of the boards that are affected. The circuitry in those kind of power supplies are dead simple, and repair should not pose any ptoblems, even requiring expensive parts. The only "advanced" part is the digital meters, but those won't be affected by your little stunt.

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Unless the PS is a switchmode type , and most arnt , it will simply be a transformer, rectifier bridge, and
some kind of linear regulator, using either transistors or Fets, most likley transistors.
Easy to fix.
The only expensive bit is the transformer , and that wont be damaged by incorrect volts on the output.

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