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have used something similar (EasyMold).

As far as I can tell, sugru is subtly different than prior silicone molding compounds, particularly in that it's designed to stick to things rather than pull away cleanly.  I haven't actually used it myself.

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Gotta love this bit...

We bought a small mixer and working with one of our engineer friends to design a packaging machine, we built it for £5,000 and it ran on an arduino.



I used Sugru quite a few things and it's good at joining things together. I found it expensive though.

I also use this two part epoxy putty which is great to work with:


Craig Turner, blog: http://gampageek.blogspot.co.uk/ It helps with my learning if I write things down, esp. for others to follow (constructive comments welcomed to improve)


Best thing since sliced bread. I have fixed a broken handle on a casserole/pot. The handle broke of, I made a new one of two packets SUGRO and stuck it on the brackets. Has worked fine for four months (and I lift the pot with 2-3 litres boiling water in it). Also the cutlery/silverware-basket in the dishwasher the plastic netting in the bottom broke. I did some patching with Sugro. Still there after 5 months of daily dishwasher operation - and holding the cutlery.


This is a pretty impressive video, demonstrating the "stickiness" capabilities pretty well:
(It IS an advertisement.  YMMV.)

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